Hellhog XP

Hellhog XP 1.3

A 3D orbital combat shooting game pumping the adrenaline

Hellhog XP is a combat shooting game based on a 3D orbit of futuristic N. A. G. universe. The users are put in the control of orbital combat ships, and the mission is to defend the mother-ships and the space station from the hands of alien invaders and parasites.

Hellhog XP features multiple levels of space orbital combat craze and lets the users experience a full pumping of their adrenaline. It is an arcade style game-play that presents a unique yet high-end 3D game engine.

It also features 2D/3D sound effects and original music in the game. Hellhog XP allows the users to keep records of high scores, and also play on online mode and check out online high scores.

It features online multiplayer mode where users can compete with each other online. Also, full support is provided to the registered users of the program.